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Engine of the Month - Ford 2.7-Liter Twin Turbo EcoBoost V-6
Popular Mechanics goes into the specific features of the 2.7L Ecoboost, including a split block with an aluminum lower half, iron upper half.
Type: Discussion
Year: 2015
Engine: Ford 2.7L V6 TT

HEUI - How High-Pressure Oil Injection Systems Work - Diesel Power Magazine
For those of you who haven’t spent much time around the Power Stroke name, the first 14 years of its production (the 7.3L and 6.0L) utilized a hydraulically activated, electronically controlled, unit injector (HEUI) fuel system. While this ...more
Type: Discussion
Year: 1994, 1995, 1996 ... 2005, 2006, 2007
Engine: Ford 7.3L V8

Forum: CP3 in Ram verses CP4 in Ford and GM
Discussion about Bosch HPFP CP4 applications on Ford and GM diesels, including details on the construction of the pump and why it's susceptible to failing: It is in the laws of physics... First, they used the fuel, diesel, as the CP4's internal's ...more
Type: Discussion
Year: 2013, 2014, 2015
Engine: Dodge 6.7L I6; Ford 6.7L V8; GM 6.6L V8

Mr Truck on Econo Maxx
Video review of an airflow product enhancing the Bernoulli effect. States that Ford uses a related product in the 3.5L Ecoboost.
Type: Discussion Attributes: Dyno results, Upgrade/Aftermarket, Video

Ram 1500 EcoDiesel heat management
Discussing the oil temperatures the Jeep Ecodiesel incurs and comparing that to the installation of the same engine in the Ram 1500. The Ram has larger radiators and oil cooler in front instead of up by the oil filter.
Type: Discussion
Year: 2015
Make/Model: Dodge 1500 Engine: Dodge 3.0L V6 CRD

Running a Ford 6.7L with DEF in the diesel tank
One owner's experience after mistakenly adding some DEF to the diesel tank and driving until the water in fuel (WIF) light illuminates.
Type: Discussion Tech Topic: Engine
Year: 2013
Make/Model: Ford F250 Engine: Ford 6.7L V8

Particle Emissions from Direct Injection Gasoline Engines
Direct-injected gasoline engines exhibit similar exhaust characteristics to diesels. The future emissions requirements may bring similar emissions devices, like particulate filters, to GDI engines. A team of SwRI engineers examines how emissions ...more
Type: Discussion Tech Topic: Engine

Gen V Family Welcomes Three More Engines, Including A V6 - EngineLabs
Details on the new 'EcoTec' engine construction from an engine builder.
Type: Discussion Tech Topic: Engine
Year: 2015
Engine: GM 4.3L V6, 5.3L V8, 6.2L V8

F450 Dana S135 diff noise
Differential noise? Symptoms and discussion of a bad pinion bearing.
Type: Discussion Tech Topic: Axles & transfer case
Year: 2001
Make/Model: Ford F450CC, F550CC

Torque vs. Horsepower - Engine Power Delivery Explained - Hot Rod Magazine
A discussion with engine builders on the merits of horsepower, torque, and the area under the power curve.
Type: Discussion Attributes: Numbers, Upgrade/Aftermarket Tech Topic: Engine

Gas vs. emission diesels for the fleet owner - Ford Truck Enthusiasts Forums
Type: Discussion Tech Topic: Engine

6.0 Powerstroke Common Issues and Problems
Detailed rundown of the common problems with the 6.0L by a mechanic.
Type: Discussion Tech Topic: Engine Engine: Ford 6.0L V8

The Hot Sheet: 33 Off-Road Tires Tested - Jp Magazine
JP Magazine rates 33 off road tires.
Type: Discussion Tech Topic: Brakes, wheels & tires

Fuel Effects on a Modern Diesel Engine: Ford 6.7L run with varying fuels & Bosch fuel pump torn down
Detailed report of a short duration run (only 210 total hours) on the 6.7L Ford. Includes tear-down pictures on the Bosch CP4.2 pump. There was some minor wear.
Type: Discussion Tech Topic: Engine Make/Model: Ford F250 Engine: Ford 6.7L V8

Do I need a $ 11,000 fuel System - Diesel Place : Chevrolet and GMC Diesel Truck Forums
Multiple "fuel filter" light incidents in a few hundred miles, multiple fuel filter replacements with no help. The light is triggered by lack of fuel pressure, in the case of this poster it was caused by a grenaded fuel pump. Multiple responses ...more
Type: Discussion Tech Topic: Engine
Year: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
Make/Model: Chevrolet 2500HD Engine: GM 6.6L V8

Diesel Place : Chevrolet and GMC Diesel Truck Forums
Detailed comparison of the mouthpieces (intake tube) for the LLY and LBZ duramaxes, with an aftermarket version from Kodiak as well.
Type: Discussion Attributes: Upgrade/Aftermarket Tech Topic: Engine
Year: 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007
Make/Model: Chevrolet 2500HD Engine: GM 6.6L V8

My new F-350 gasser - Ford Truck Enthusiasts Forums
What oil weight to run in a new 6.2L? Stay with the Ford recommended 5W-20, even in hot environments. Responses from a police fleet mechanic with high mileage Crown Vics (CVPI) saying 5W-20 worked well for them even in Chicago heat and long idles.
Type: Discussion Tech Topic: Engine Make/Model: Ford F250 Engine: Ford 6.2L V8

Gas Tuning & throwing CEL codes
Running a tuner on a gas engine and getting a check-engine-light (CEL) when towing or working the engine hard? It might be a lean condition due to insufficient spark (COP) or fuel. Read about one V10 owners experience, with respones and ideas from ...more
Type: Discussion Attributes: Upgrade/Aftermarket Tech Topic: Exterior
Year: 2008
Make/Model: Ford F250, F350 Engine: Ford 5.4L V8, 6.8L V10

5 Star Tuning-LiveWire for 3v V10 - Ford Truck Enthusiasts Forums
Thread discussing the 5-Star tuner on the Ford V10, including comments from users on it's effects.
Type: Discussion Attributes: Upgrade/Aftermarket Tech Topic: Engine
Year: 2005
Engine: Ford 6.8L V10

Ford V10 stock PCM/tune
Discussion about Ford dealer reflashes for the V10, and the effect on timing, fuel map, and other. "Now for my question to Mike at 5Star, have you heard of the reflashes or updates causing a reduction in power over the power band on these engines? ...more
Type: Discussion Tech Topic: Engine
Year: 2006
Make/Model: Ford F250 Engine: Ford 6.8L V10